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“Monte da Casteleja” – the name


The name “CASTELEJA” was given by an archaeologist who discover in this place ruins of a small castle dated of the roman period.

“MONTE” is a name of a typical Portuguese farm with a house on the top of a small hill and surrounding lands.

Guillaume’s Grandfather borne in Sagres, a high reputation man in the Lagos fishing industry bought this farm in 1952.

My French father first introduce him to the magic of wine, showing how to carefully serve wine and major differences in wine style. Later He realised the great potential of Portuguese wines and soon become passionate when discover the richness and complexity of the world of wine during his travels and studies.

Viticulture is a very ancient agriculture activity, with a first expansion during the roman period. Their presence is noticeable in the surrounding area and also in our land, revealed by the many pieces of ceramic and mosaic we frequently found in the soil.

Archaeologists believe that first Lagos, called “Lacobriga”, was born around this valley, with sea coming much further inlands, very close to our property…

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Single Estate Vineyards

We want to recreate the concept of “vin du producteur”, using the combination of new technologies and ancestral art, like feet treading, maceration with stems, ageing in wood vats.

One of the most important times of the Monte da Casteleja is the grape harvest.

After all it’s all the work of a year that is harvested in several days and it will turn into wine for years to come. Despite being a period of great work, concentration and quick decisions is always accompanied by much human energy, making party and lots of entertainment in those days and nights .

Since its inception in 2002, which wished to do the harvest “old-fashioned way” with the manual labor of selection and cutting of the grapes, transport to the winery in boxes of 15 kg, followed by steps on mill the best grapes at the end of day, as is still done in the best vineyards of the Douro.

There are long days loaded with songs and emotions that fill the hearts of those who participate.

And so, the harvest of Casteleja already beginning to get known, more and more poeple are interested in spending a day in the field, under a blazing August sun, between loaded strains and willful people, and that makes our wine very rich and powerful from all the synergies.

Meet the winegrower: Guillaume Leroux

“terroir” and Algarve’s Viticulture

"terroir" and Algarve's Viticulture

The grape varieties, soil, climate and the sculptural work of man.

The “terroir” is the combination of these main features able to give shape and identity to a wine.

The Monte da Casteleja soil is unique in the area, good for vine growing, medium depth with a high percentage of clay and lime.

Inside, water is strongly kept and slowly released to the roots during the summer, when the plants need it more.

We believe that we have a special “terroir” here at Monte da Casteleja.


Organic farming is an agricultural production method that guarantees the preservation of the environment, biodiversity and the future of the earth.


Monte da Casteleja is in ORGANIC PRODUCTION since 2008 certified by Sativa.


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