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Opening of “Peregrinação” at the Fortress of Sagres

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From the 3rd until the 24th of September, the Fortaleza de Sagres hosted the Colective Exibition PEREGRINAÇÃO, organized by Tertúlia (Aljezur). At the Opening event, the chef José Pinheiro made a Food Performance in which he gave our wine a special role.


Harvest at Monte da Casteleja 2016

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Another year and another harvest at Monte da Casteleja!

On this 13th edition we kept of course the “old-fashioned way” of picking and treading the grapes.

After a demanding morning of non-stop picking, everyone was invited for the traditional long and joyfull lunch. At the end of the day, the emotions reached a peak when , inside the cellar, everyone was dancing and treading the grapes, motivated by the dynamic music the dj was selecting.

We are truly grateful to this group of brave people from various countries, full of positive energy that helped us to produce a unique wine… that you will be able to savour some months from now.

Monte da Casteleja Christmas hampers… a special gift!

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To offer one of our Christmas hampers is to offer a very special gift… after all this organic nectar of the gods is crafted in the Algarve paradise!

Contact us directly to order one:

telefone: 282 798 408 ou telemóvel: 91 782 90 59

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Wine Detective selected us for Portugal: new finds, new vintages

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Sarah Ahmed – The Wine Detective, selected us for Portugal: new finds, new vintages; after tasting wines for three days solid in Lisbon, on the first week of November. She writes on her website that our wines (Monte da Casteleja Clássico) are still the most authentic, interesting wines she has encountered from the Algarve.

Read the article at The Wine Detective

Sarah Ahmed also mentioned us on Facebook right after the wine tasting on 3rd of November:

Highlights of this morning’s tasting for Hugh Johnson Pocket Wine – the expected and unexpected – thank you Wines of Portugal. Now lunch!



The Best Road Trip in Portugal

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Scott and Collette´s visit to Monte da Casteleja was impactful! They had a spectacular day here at the winery and elected us for their Best Road Trip in Portugal on their travel blog.

Portugal is a country known for its incredible food, Fado, and fabulous wines and it is the perfect place for your next road trip.

The pearl of the Algarve, Lagos is the perfect picturesque place to park for a few days on your road trip. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Golden Coast and the fresh seafood served daily.

Not all wine is located in the Douro Valley! Visit Monte Da Casteleja, an incredible organic boutique vineyard, and taste their delectable wines.

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Thanks Scott and Collette for your kind words and testimonial:

Thanks for showing us around your winery. It was a spectacular day for Collette and I. We really loved your wine and your mission to farm organically while being self sustainable. We had such a great time chatting with you while enjoying your great wines.

During our travel we have met some very passionate and impactful people and you are one of the special ones we will remember. Thanks again for everything.

Monte Casteleja Rosé in UP Magazine – TAP Portugal

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Our Monte Casteleja Rosé wine was mentioned in TAP Portugal inflight – UP magazine, in the article “Perfect Weekend – Algarve au naturel“, edition September 2015.

It was in the restaurant Eira do Mel in Vila do Bispo that the authors tasted and were delight by our wine Monte da Casteleja – Rosé.

A definite must-visit in Vila do Bispo. Built in a former farm house, this restaurant has kept its rustic features, which make it very cosy. But its well-deserved fame is all thanks to the talent of chef José Pinheiro, a specialist in recreating the regional cuisine. We feasted on sautéed octopus, shrimp cataplana with black pork and chorizo, and fig ice cream dessert with arbutus-berry sprinkles, lemon and ginger, all accompanied with an excellent rosé, Monte da Casteleja.

UP Magazine focuses on the best that Portugal has to offer and every month prepares exclusive reports, chronicles and articles for over 1,000,000 readers of the paper edition.

Fotos: Marisa Cardoso